A Fresh Start

Jacob, Ethan, and Samuel,

I started The Good God blog several years ago to discuss my thoughts on God, faith and the Church, but I never added more than a few random posts.  At the time I didn’t have a well defined audience.  I have now cleared out the old posts so I can start anew.  This time I have a very specific audience in mind, it is an audience of exactly three; the three of you, my three sons.

Over the last few months, your mother, wrote a small booklet for you to help solidify some of the truths of our faith leading up to your baptisms.  It inspired me to further her idea by using this blog to continue writing about our shared faith, sort of as a journal… or “web log”, if you will.  🙂

So I make no promises to be consistent in writing, or even right for that matter, but I hope through these web pages to put into words what I hope my life will be a witness of, and that is this simple truth:  everything in this world that comes from God is good, and everything in this world that is good, comes from God.

And so I hope to share with you, my relationship with our Heavenly Father, The Good God.

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